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Makkari’s only real estate company established by British immigrant


This summer, Henry Turner from the UK and wife Megumi established the sole real estate company in the village of Makkari, which is situated in Central Hokkaido’s Niseko area. They were motivated by the location of the village, which provides great access to tourist areas like Niseko and Rusutsu, and the comparatively inexpensive land value of the area. The company wants to assist staff members working at resorts and foreign nationals looking to settle down permanently, and is focusing on sales that make property purchasing financially accessible to more moderate budgets.

In October 2016, Turner relocated from Singapore to work in his wife’s home country of Japan. At a Kutchan real estate company, he was in charge of sales to clients visiting Japan, focusing on resort condominiums and land purchases. In July of this year, he branched out on his own and launched the business “Habitat Hokkaido” in the village of Makkari

As of July last year, the standard land value in the resort area in the town of Kutchan exceeded 70,000 yen per square meter. But the Makkari Village value was in the 4,000 yen range even in its central downtown area. Turner has firsthand experience looking for a residence in the village for himself, so he is well acquainted with the lack of real estate information in the village and its potential for future growth. He decided to start his own business out of a desire to, “Provide housing at reasonable prices for staff members working in resorts and people wanting to move into the area.”

Together with Megumi, who is certified as a Real Estate Transaction Agent, Turner works as a mediator between people who want to rent or buy property and the owners of vacant land and vacant houses around Makkari Village as well as places like Rusutsu Village and Toyako Town. Amidst the continuing population decrease in Makkari, Turner says he also wants to, “Stimulate the regional economy by making it easier for new people to move in from other places.” The company is receiving inquiries by e-mail at info@habitathokkaido.com.

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 Posted  on Hokkaido newspaper: 2021/08/23