Makkari River Land (20.37k Tsubo)

67,427 sqm sqm


A simply stunningly beautiful large piece of land ideal for a private estate style home.

Protected in a shallow valley with streams running through the land to the East and Makkari River intersecting the land along the South, and with Yotei views to the North and Rusutsu visible from the West of the land, this site lends itself to a number of possibilities.

For those looking to establish an Estate or Ranch residence, this 20,370 tsubo site of flat land is perfect for a large home with tennis courts, extensive gardens and equestrian facilities.

Makkari is fast becoming the place to be for the multi-millionaire seeking more than the run of the mill cookie-cutter winter chalet.

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  • Land Size:
    67,427 sqm sqm
  • Land Area:
    20,370 tsubo
  • Price ($):
  • Status:


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